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The Ebro River delta offers a surprisingly, rich and unique variety of natural landscapes. It is scenery of a great biological richness that receives a diversity of fauna and flora of an inestimable value. With 320 km2 of surface, constitutes the most extensive aquatic habitat of the Catalan lands and represents an enclave of vital importance within wetlands of the Mediterranean.

The uniqueness of the Ebro Delta is expressed by its physical reality, geographic, natural and also, by its particular traditions, the culture, the architectural heritage and the history.

The landscape of the Ebro Delta has a strong personality. The lands completely flat give a particular aspect. The vast rice fields, changing according to the seasons dominate the appearance of Ebro Delta. On the side of the coast we find one of the landscapes more attractive of the Mediterranean: large lagoons surrounded by reed beds and rushes. In the peripheral part we find large areas of saline soils and saline areas, long and desert beaches with dunes topped with marram grass and other plants highly adapted to the environment.

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At the two ends, two arrows of fine sand, the Fangar and La Punta de la Banya, surrounds the rich bays of the Fangar and of the Alfacs, respectively.

The father of the Delta, the Ebro River, passes by the tranquil and watchful plain, before it flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

The climate conditions and the conditions of the soil, together with its natural beauty, allow the visitor admire a great spectacle where the river water and the sea water are the main protagonists. A multitude of routes and activities complement the tourist offer of the area of the Ebro Delta and of the 7 municipalities hosted in it.

For more information you can contact the municipal tourist offices:

In the last years the Ebro Delta has been configured as a sustainable tourist destination and it has been recognized internationally with several awards: The European Charter of Sustainable Tourism, Destination EDEN (European Destination of Excellence) and Biosphere Reserve of the Ebro Lands.

Under the words of Sustainable Tourism it is included an ensemble of activities oriented to promote the compatibility among the economical, social and esthetical impact and the cultural and environmental integrity of the host regions.

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