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We will take the bike again and ride along the paths of the Delta, to look at the sky and contemplate the flight of the birds, to walk along the immense beaches letting the water wet our feet, to sail along the river. We will meet again with friends around a good paella, made with rice, seafood, duck and vegetables from the Delta and we will laugh at ease when we meet again the beloved landscapes, the light of sunrise and sunset, the wind that cleans everything and spreads the smell of rice throughout the territory.

For all these reasons "The Delta is waiting for you". We will have everything ready for you when we can leave home smiling and ready to enjoy with love and respect this land of wetlands, birds, river and sea. Because you deserve, we deserve, to share the good things around us, nature in its purest form.

The Association of Ecotourism Companies of the Ebro Delta will have everything ready, accommodation, catering and activities, we have already started to make your experience in the delta the best you can imagine.

The Delta is waiting for you

Make your stay a customised one: on this website you will find all the information you need to stay, taste the delicious gastronomy of the Delta and enjoy unique experiences in the Ebro Delta.


ciclo 1The Ebro Delta is an ideal space for cycling trips in a quiet way and without much physical effort. You will enjoy the scenery accompanied by your partner, your friends or your family. The land disposition, completely flat, makes of this one of the best transport means to travel around the delta, with its lagoons, paddies and lookouts.

Pedalling, families and friends groups also can travel along the old train line of the Zafan Valley, the greenway of the High Land and the Low Ebro.

For more information: Itineraries Generalitat de Catalunya

pdf iconThe route of the lagoons
pdf iconEcomuseum - River mouthciclo 2
pdf iconEcomuseum - Fangar's Bay
pdf iconL'Aldea - Camarles - L'Ampolla
pdf iconRiver mouth - Garxal - Riumar
pdf iconAmposta - Casa de Fusta - Ullals de Baltasar - Encanyissadaciclo 3
pdf iconSan Carlos de la Rápita - Casa de Fusta - Erms de Vilacoto- Encanyissada
pdf iconThe Delta Towpath - Amposta - Balada - Sant Jaume - Migjorn
pdf iconThe Deltebre Waterfront
pdf iconThe Green Way