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The European Charter of Sustainable Tourism (ECST) is an accreditation in the European scope, granted by the EUROPARC Federation that certifies that the development of tourism in a territory will be performed in a sustainably way in accordance with the objectives of the Charter.

These basic objectives are:

- Recognize the Protected Natural Space as inheritance for the future.
- Develop the tourism in a sustainable way, considering the environmental, the needs of the visitors, the local population and the entrepreneurs.

The Charter is much more than a quality distinctive. It is a work method, is a planning tool, and is an agreement between the space managers, the touristic enterprises and the rest of entities and territory agents.


In the Ebro Delta there are 19 touristic enterprises accredited with the ECST which are benefiting of the advantages that entails the ECST in relation with the promotions of its services. The application of this type of measures by the entrepreneurs entails an improvement of its environmental behaviour, saving costs and also entails an improvement of quality, what involves the provision of a service with many more guaranties for the users.

These enterprises have elaborated a program of performances to be developed in 3 years. These actions have to imply:

    1. Improve its offer and connexion with the protected natural space.
    2. Improve the environmental behaviour of their business.
    3. Contribute in the local development.

List of enterprises ECST:

-    Càmping Aube - Action plan
-    Càmping Eucaliptus - Action plan
-    Delta Hotel - Action plan
-    Hotel Rull - Action plan
-    Hotel l’Algadir del Delta - Action plan
-    Casa de pagès Lo Segador - Action plan
-    Masia Tinet - Action plan
-    Delta Turístic - Action plan
-    L’Escola del Parc - Action plan
-    Delta Polet - Action plan
-    Creuers Delta de l’Ebre - Action plan
-    Restaurant Nuri - Action plan

These enterprises are part of The Club of Eco-tourism of Natural Spaces. More info: Soy Ecoturista

pdf iconReport of follow up and assessment of the 1st Action Plan of the ECST in the NDP 2007-2011

pdf iconStrategy and 2nd Plan of Action of the ECST in the NDP 2012-2016