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Make known the traditions, the culture, the architectural heritage and the history of the Ebro Delta is the objective of the museums and the interpretation centres, which you can visit in the Ebro Delta. The Museum of the Ebro Lands is one of the centres of reference, treasures samples about archaeology, the history and the natural environmental. But in the Delta also you can enjoy of other exhibition spaces and of divulgation about the construction of barracas, the rice cultivation, the towers of guaita or the future Sea Museum.

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Museum of the Ebro Lands (Amposta) WEB

Casa de Fusta (Amposta) Tel. 977 261 022

Eco Museum (Deltebre) Tel. 977 489 679

Rice Museum , Rafelet mill (Deltebre) WEB

Interpretation Centre of delta barracas (Sant Jaume d’Enveja) Tel. 977 468 039 /977

Interpretation Centre of Guaita Torres (l’Aldea) Tel. 977 450 012

The traditional festivals of the Ebro Delta are witness of their folklore and the permanence of the traditions. One of the central elements of the Local Festivals is the popular oxen, and without forgetting the great protagonist: The Jota (typical dance) sung. Also the music bands, heiresses of former military formations and generated by the flows of Valencian workers at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, determine a prolific unique musical culture in Catalonia.

One of the events more important in the Ebro Delta is the festival of the planting, the weeded and the harvesting of rice in the Ebro Delta. These activities are celebrated with the will of re-create the manual work of the farmers that had disappeared with the arrival of the mechanic processes of the farming. Furthermore along the journey there are traditional games and activities such as ninepins, throw the net or stroll with chariots and horses. Tradition and culture for enjoy the festive character of the Ebro Delta.

For more information, you can see the activity guide in the WEB

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