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The quality salt is a product that has been revalued in the last years. The salt flats of the Ebro Delta are precisely an important centre of harvest of this type of mineral. It is commercialized the named “flor de sal”, a variety of production very limited and completely handmade that has acquired prestige among renowned gourmets and cooks.

The salt flats “La Trinidad” are situated at the south end of the Ebro Delta, in the peninsula of Alfacs, and occupies an approximate extension of 1.000ha. Every year is extracted about 25.000 tons of salt which most of it is exported to the north of Europe. Among the types of salt more appreciated stands out “La Flor de Sal” which is a pure salt, harvested by traditional techniques. It has a subtle violets taste and a marine smell. The salt extraction at the Ebro river mouth is an activity that it dates back at the Arab period.

The salt flats are situated in an environment very fragile in the Punta de la Banya, catalogued as Partial Nature Reserve. For this reason the visit to this area is restricted and it is necessary apply for permit to the Natural Park offices of the Ebro Delta and to Infosa, the enterprise in charge of the exploitation of this natural resource.