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C/Barceloneta, 28, baixos - 43895 L’AMPOLLA

Tel.: 977 460 839
Fax: 977 460 950
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Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.
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Delta Turistic is born from an illusion, romantically linked to the Ebro Delta and created from many experiences of this magnificent land, in order to transmit all those anecdotes and memories that make this space a unique territory.
From Delta Turistic, our company, we want to offer a touristic service focused in the two regions forming the Ebro Delta (Baix Ebre and Montsiá), as well as the adjacent regions that follows the course of the river and counter-current; includes abrupt landscapes with impressive views.
We are a company specialized in excursions, visits, adventure sports, rentals, trips and tourism in the Ebro Delta, an ideal space for all type of activities outdoors and to enjoy of the best rural tourism.

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